Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Increase Water Use

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#10 (We are sorry. Way #10 has recently been purchased by the City of Durham, North Carolina and we no longer own the rights to it.)

#9 You hike the water pressure in the distribution system which increases water use (sales). Water customers never learn why they are using more water.

#8 You under-fund and under-staff your US EPA 1st place award-winning Water Conservation program, you muzzle its manager, and then you fire its manager and never replace him.

#7 You institute a Recycling Program that requires citizens to use Greensboro water to wash all bottles, cans, jars and jugs

#6 You maintain a building code that forces plantings that force the installation of underground irrigation systems

#5 You offer a 45% discount on water to large apartments, businesses and industries

#4 You offer a second and greater discount once large water users consume an additional amount of water in a billing period

#3 You advertise separate "money-saving" water meters for lawn watering with additional incentives like free "turn-offs" in the winter and no off-season monthly service charges

#2 You sell lawn irrigation water below cost which insures low reservoirs every summer and gives the impression you are running out of water

(drum roll please…)

#1 While claiming that you are running out of water, you price your water 47% lower than average for North Carolina cities!

(There you have it ladies and gentlemen, Greensboro's TOP TEN TRICKS TO SECRETLY BOOST WATER USE while Kitchen and Williams state publicly that "everything is being done to lower water use! " (Audience applause!)
FACT: After the Randleman Dam was approved, Greensboro then began to correct the insanity above. Look closely and you'll notice Greensboro connected to several other systems and rivers, ended the huge incentives for lawn irrigation and severely hiked its water rates----after it got the dam approved.

These are the secret ways Greensboro officials attempted to increase water use and draw down the reservoirs every summer for visual effect while pretending to embrace water conservation. That's how you get an unnecessary dam approved---by fraud and deception. The ends justify the means when big money and big pride are at stake.

In spite of their tricks, citizens changed their behavior and their water-wasting hardware. Water use declined. If the public learned that water demand was declining and that industry was leaving it would never have supported the Randleman Dam---Greensboro's biggest scandal to date.

Today in 2008 Greensboro looks forward to increased water sales after the drought because water sales are far below what was predicted. The water department has suffered a huge revenue shortfall that can only be rectified by raising your water rates. (see CHART below)

Don't stop gets better......and don't be fooled by the drought. The drought is Greensboro's best friend! Can you guess why?

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