Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two reasons for reintroducing the Randleman Dam fraud

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I had two reasons for
reintroducing the Randleman Dam Scam:

My first reason is the astonishing fact that Greensboro uses (needs)(sells) less water in 2008 than it did thirteen years ago in 1995 when I was hired. I accidentally caught last year’s water use in the news and it seemed too low. I checked it out , and what I uncovered I believed the citizens have a right to know.
Water use is significantly lower than what was forecasted. For the life of me I still cannot understand why the media is refusing to show the public how radically far off Greensboro's projected water needs were.
I plugged in the missing figures and I completed the CHART I began in 1995. With a dozen years of water use now in the books, the numbers prove that Greensboro fabricated a need for a new dam and reservoir. A third grader can deduct that, so why is Greensboro's media treading water over the visual impact of the CHART? Perhaps some of you are asking the same question. I became convinced all over again that the citizens of Greensboro need to be shown that water use has declined while the waterworks continues to expand.

My second reason for reintroducing the Randleman Dam conspiracy is that over the last few years several City of Greensboro scandals have surfaced. There’s the Project Homestead fraud, the Civil Rights Museum fraud, the Corruption inside the Police Department, the City Council's current efforts to fire the City Manager and plenty of evidence that elections and the City Council are controlled by special interest groups.
Because Greensboro’s citizens are now paying close attention to municipal fraud and corruption, I thought they might appreciate reading everything I knew about Greensboro’s biggest unexposed scandal—the Randleman Dam. These other City scandals pale in comparison to the conspiracy that deliberately caused a water shortage by selling irrigation water below cost, filed false reports, lied repeatedly on camera and stifled an award-winning water conservation program to justify the Randleman Dam and achieve the permits and the funding.
I thought that by offering to take a polygraph test to validate all my claims someone would step forward and fund it. What provocative headlines they would be for any media outlet that arranged a polygraph!
"Former Greensboro Water Conservation Manager's polygraph test indicates everything he says about the Randleman Dam Scam is TRUE!"
Why didn't any media outlet step up to the plate and fund such a test? In last week's Rhino Times Editor John Hammer offered to pay for City Manager Mitch Johnson's polygraph test. Why didn't Hammer offer to pay for my polygraph test? Isn't the Rhino Times the official watchdog over City corruption?
Maybe the media thinks one more Greensboro scandal is just too much to handle. Maybe it has something to hide---like it's own feeble ability to investigate---and even when it has been given a detailed map showing where all the evidence is located.

I have enjoyed publishing the evidence of fraud in this blog. We grew up being taught that, "You can't fight city hall," but the Internet has really changed the balance of power. It is empowering to have the ability to publish what the Greensboro News & Record refuses to publish!
I knew this blog would also be very painful because it would cause me to relive an episode that has changed my life forever. My unjust termination was the first domino that knocked over so many others and eventually led to my cancer. It has been extremely hard to forgive and to heal but God has helped me through it all. I can almost understand why some people like me who receive extreme unjust treatment "go postal."
I really appreciate all of you who found my reports credible and all those who expressed their support. Unfortunately, it is now more apparent than ever that the City’s fraudulent pursuit of the Randleman Dam will never be investigated and the scammers will never be brought to justice.
For the benefit of all the distant readers out there in cyberspace following the soggy saga of the Ramblin' Dam, you should know that the Randleman Reservoir is now three years old, it is FULL, and it is UNTAPPED! The six dam partners cannot agree on the construction and the control of a Randleman water treatment plant. I would like to commission Arlo Guthrie to write a sequel to "Alice's Restaurant"...the "Ramblin' Dam."
As Greensboro's water spokesman I was expected to say over and over again on camera and in print, "We must have the Randleman Reservoir by the year 2000."
That was Water Director Ray Shaw's (The Shaw of Utilities) mantra --and he was the boss. Did Greensboro run dry? Well, as of 2008 there are still no connections to the Ramblin' Reservoir. It may take until 2012 to actually come on-line. Greensboro's citizens are now being water-boarded with huge rate increases to pay for an unusable reservoir and Ramblin's costs are still rising.
It will be interesting to watch and see if this $100-million-dollar reservoir ever becomes operational for anything besides boating and fishing. It seems that some of the six regional partners already want to back out of their agreement because they no longer need the water.
Yesterday the major news networks began predicting $7-a-gallon gasoline. Translation: Due to a rapidly changing economy and the exodus of local manufacturing to Asia, Greensboro's three reservoirs are getting larger every year! You didn't know that? I'm so glad I included this fact in my final post! Yes, Greensboro's reservoirs are growing.
FACT: Greensboro's three reservoirs would grow even larger if Greensboro had a Water Conservation Program operating in 2008!
Did you know the statewide drought has become the dam scammers' best friend? YEP! The drought has nicely overshadowed the fact that Greensboro is using less and less water. The drought is the scammers' new justification for connecting to Randleman. Don't expect them to divulge that in a drought, if Randleman Reservoir was operating, it would be "M T." Only a fool would propose building a new reservoir for drought mitigation. That's like adding a second gas tank to your car because you cannot buy gas for the first one.
Even Greensboro's dishonest officials who forced this unnecessary dam on their constituents may eventually have to just let Randleman go...the way I am letting it go.

Mike J Baron
Greensboro’s only Water Conservation Manager

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  1. Mike,
    Thank you for your efforts as they haven't been in vain. This is not the end of this story.