Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Latest data confirms Greensboro water use has declined since 1995

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2008 has come to a close and Greensboro has done the math. The amount of water used in 2008 was 30.9 million gallons a day (mgd). That figure means almost nothing on its own, but when placed in a chart like mine, everything becomes crystal clear. And then you begin to notice something is fishy. The City of Greensboro does not publish its history of public water use. Why? The local newspapers won’t publish the history of water use either. That’s because an egregious municipal water fraud has been committed and the dam scammers are doing everything they can to hide the facts. It's a conspiracy and how widespread it is nobody knows for sure. If water demand had increased over the years these scammers would feel like prophets who saved Greensboro by building a dam. But water demand is steadily declining proving Greensboro never needed Randleman Dam. So now they work overtime to conceal the facts and finish what they started. I called for City Manager Ed Kitchen's resignation (see FORMER CITY STAFFER SAYS BOSSES MISLED PUBLIC ON WATER--Greensboro News & Record-Sept. 24, 1999) for deceiving the public about the dam. Instead they named the Water Operations Center after him. While city officials were lying through their teeth about doing everything possible to solve Greensboro's water shortage they were secretly sabotaging the Water Conservation program because it became a threat. And they got away with it.

Here’s the skinny; Greensboro water use declined 3 million gallons a day (mgd) from last year. A 3 mgd drop in public water use is NEWS, but not in Greensboro. But here's even bigger NEWS---public water use is now is 4 mgd lower than it was in 1995 when the scam for the Randleman Dam was just getting started. That qualifies for a front page headline in the News & Record—“GREENSBORO NEEDS LESS WATER NOW THAN IN 1995.” Greensboro’s citizens have been tricked into a new dam and reservoir, and now they are paying a very steep price for being led astray.

And here is the biggest NEWS of all. Back in 1995 Water Director Ray Shaw, the Shaw of Utilities and a chief dam scammer published Greensboro’s future water needs as a scare-tactic to gain approval for the controversial dam. He predicted Greensboro’s citizens would need 42.4 mgd in 2008. They only needed 30.9 mgd. He overestimated by 12 mgd.

Water use in 1995---34.6mgd Water use in 2008---30.9mgd Projected for 2008---42.4mgd There you have it. The City of Greensboro is no predictor of future water needs. Water demand is declining. The decline will continue because rates are going up. Yet, City Council just sent $33 million to the dam authority without any discussion or challenge because the dam scam and its decade of propaganda and the suppression of facts have been so successful. Everybody’s on board with the dam. The press is its biggest cheerleader. Those who know Greensboro know this—the City of Greensboro always gets what it wants. And the City of Greensboro uses any means to get what it wants? The Randleman Dam is the City of Greensboro’s biggest and most successful scam, and its not over yet. Randleman still needs a water treatment plant and water lines connecting it to Greensboro. I wonder how much the authority will be charging Greensboro for its water, and how much Greensboro will mark it up for its water customers.


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