Monday, March 9, 2009

This picture's worth a thousand words

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This may be my final post about water fraud and conspiracy inside the City of Greensboro, North Carolina. Unless and until something unusual happens I am taking a break from reporting what I observed and discovered as Greensboro's only Water Conservation Manager.
Can you smell it?
It is amazing that people who have no stake in this matter only need one glance at the two trend lines in the above CHART to immediately smell the muskrat.
Even after being subjected to a decade of water propaganda Greensboro's citizens are beginning to learn here that water use has declined since 1995. The sky was never falling. Water-using manufacturers have closed shop and relocated to Asia. Greensboro's reservoirs are getting larger. And the more citizens pay for the resource the less of it they will use. So Greensboro's reservoirs keep getting larger.
What is equally amazing is just how odor-detection challenged is Greensboro's news media. It's leaders cannot smell the muskrat. They're still reporting the Emperor as fully-clothed. To date, no news outlet in the Triad has dared to inform citizens about Greensboro's history of declining water sales.
Water use never skyrocketed as projected. The only thing really skyrocketing in Greensboro is the water rates. (9% January 1st and 5% to 7% annually for many years to come). That's because water sales declined while the water works continued to expand---something only a monopoly can do. Now the rate payers must make up the difference in lost revenue....and finance an unneeded 53% of Randleman Lake, the most expensive fishing hole in North America.
That's NEWS ....and it is not being told! Could the conspiracy be so widespread and so powerful that it can control the news?
If you are a Greensboro water customer you should FORWARD this story to your neighbors. Copy and paste the URL below into an email and spread the news about the biggest ripoff in the history of Greensboro.

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