Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Water forecast grossly inflated to justify Randleman Dam

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When I tell people that Greensboro water use is declining they don’t believe me.

When I show irrefutable evidence using the Water Department’s own numbers people flatly reject it. Even my fellow government-watchdog bloggers apparently don't believe me. When I explain why Greensboro’s own reservoirs have more water TODAY than during the 90’s when the Randleman Dam was being fraudulently pitched they say, “THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE! WATER USE IS INCREASING!” This shows just how strong the dam scammer's propaganda has been. I might as well be reporting that the bottom of Lake Townsend contains a staging area for alien spacecraft. At least that would get my story on George Noory’s COAST TO COAST fringe talk show. Greensboro’s government-leery bloggers have yet to take a position on this issue. They could help spread the news that the news media refuses to report and their readers deserve: FACT: Water use is way down! FACT: Water sales are way down! FACT: The forecast of future water needs that justified the Randleman Dam was bogus! FACT: Greensboro’s reporters are not reporting that less water is being used today than 15 years ago when the scam for the Randleman Dam was beginning.

Greensboro’s citizens have a right to know they have been scammed by the people elected and hired to serve them. Americans have a right to know that most municipalities like Greensboro are water-selling profiteers that sell all they can and therefore waste water by design. Americans need to know that most municipal utilities operate tiny water conservation programs just so they appear green to water customers and government agencies regulating them. The Sierra Club has remained completely silent about Greensboro disbanding its US EPA award-winning Water Conservation (WC) program. Where is the Sierra Club when it is really needed? Greensboro is lying about its water resources and if last week’s walk-on-water experts from Duke and UNC could not detect the fraud, how will the taxpayers ever learn about it? Greensboro water customers have been conditioned to believe that annual rate increases are now necessary to keep Greensboro from “running out of water.” That’s untrue! Expensive water is the result of extreme negligence by city officials who wasted water deliberately to justify the dam and then purchased too big a slice of Randleman Lake (53%)—much more than Greensboro will ever use. Who will pay for it? Water rates are going up because water sales are sagging since 1995. The Randleman Dam scammers have committed the worse municipal fraud in the history of Greensboro.

If this story never gets out they go scot free. So, please pass this story along to others. And please write a letter to the editor and copy me. If this CHART does not convince a watch-dog blogger like you, what is it going to take to reach 220,000 people who have been brainwashed by a decade of successful propaganda? When will the dam scammers ever be held accountable for recklessly driving up the cost of Greensboro water? "PLAN A" from an insider

Given all that has surfaced recently about Greensboro becoming the “City of Lies,” is it inconceivable that Greensboro’s managers and politicians would have faked the need for a $140 million dollar capital improvement project in Randleman devised to covertly to attract northern manufacturers (jobs) and grow Greensboro to compete with Raleigh and Charlotte? That was the original purpose of the Randleman Dam (Plan A).

"Plan B" from an insider

And since Plan A has failed miserably (Manufacturers went to China instead of the Sunbelt), do you see why Randleman water must now be pitched as the solution to drought (Plan B)? Do you realize how big a price tag Randleman Lake has on it if it’s just for drought relief? The dam scammers have deliberately made the drought look like “the end of the world” to ensure the completion an unnecessary reservoir. That’s also the reason why city officials are drawing unnecessary water from neighbors like Reidsville and Burlington—to justify the Randleman Lake project which now needs more reasons than it did in the mid 90’s. It strengthens their case to import “high-priced” water from neighbors like Burlington. Nobody is computing the real cost of Randleman water. I warned in 1999 that the water forecast was grossly inflated to secure the approval for the dam. I was pretty sure what would happen after 1. Factories closed. 2. Water rates increased. and, 3. The Water Conservation program was expanded. None of these factors were even included in Director Ray Shaw’s projection of future water needs. Only a few environmentalists challenged Shaw’s numbers that appear in my CHART. The newspaper never questioned his inflated numbers and assumed they were legitimate. A decade has passed and now we have overwhelming evidence that the projected water needs were grossly inflated to secure the dam. Now that the forecast is proven to be a fraud, why are reporters not reporting it? Why are Greensboro’s bloggers not critical of Greensboro’s faulty forecast? Greensboro was crying wolf when claiming it was running out of water. It was all just part of a shrewd plan to get the dam by hook or crook. Randleman Dam’s purpose was to help Greensboro grow and annex territory. NY Times Best-selling author Jerry Bledsoe has called Greensboro a "City of Lies." Believe nothing that the Water Resources Department or the City of Greensboro say about Greensboro water or the Randleman Lake project. They cannot be trusted.

Please forward this story to Greensboro water customers and any Americans interested in protecting our nation’s water resources. Feel free to add your comments.....

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