Sunday, June 7, 2009

My reply to GUARINO

Dr. Joe(GUARINO): Thanks so much for encouraging people to check out the Randleman Dam scam and Greensboro's water fraud. Anyone can simply Google just 2 words to find it--dam scam. Yesterday set another record--64 brand new visitors to my blog in one day! It is simply amazing that since I began writing almost a year ago I have not been contacted a single time by the Triad news media! What or who is it afraid of? Water use has gone down in Greensboro ever since 1995 and that's NEWS!...and it is NEWS that's being suppressed not only by the City but by the media. I am certain that grass roots interest in this story will eventually get things out in the open and a johnny-come-lately media will pick up on it as if it always was suspicious of Greensboro water. I have national readers following this story because the US is filled with municipalities that sell water for profit. Because they sell as much of the resource as possible it is wasted and polluted--and energy is wasted too--because water is heavy stuff to move around. United States Water Conservation managers and coordinators know that THIS MUST CHANGE to protect the US water supply. How can a municipality encourage water customers to CONSERVE when it sells all the water it can? Maybe Obama will appoint a Water Czar. Beware of the spin that the City of Greensboro will put on every water message this summer to to conceal the truth and maintain public support for the dam projects in Randleman. Thanks again for covering my story! Mike Baron Greensboro's only Water Conservation Manager 1994 to 1999 (terminated)

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