Thursday, June 11, 2009

YES WEEKLY skips DAM SCAM presentation

To give you an idea of just how close-minded the local news media has been to the dam scam, I invited YES WEEKLY to attend my dam scam presentation so it could decide for itself if there is any legitimacy to my claims... ...and YES WEEKLY, was a NO-SHOW! I did not receive a reply.
Below is the personal invitation I sent to YES WEEKLY’s news editor:
Jordan: I have been invited to speak Wednesday to Youth Leadership Greensboro. Its leader Cory McKenna has been following my stories at Brian Clarey wrote on 2/17 about your Greensboro nightlife story, “This is exactly the kind of story that people around here want to read; fearless, biting, relevant. It’s the kind of story YES! Weekly was created to report. And it is the kind of story we pledge to continue in the future.” Greensboro water use has declined since 1995 and that is BIG NEWS! Nobody is reporting it! And nobody is reporting that Greensboro does not even have a Water Conservation program or staff any longer. The untold water story (fraud and conspiracy) seems to be the exact type of journalism your boss is promising to your readers. I requested permission from Youth Leadership Greensboro to invite reporters and it was granted. If you would like to attend my presentation tomorrow, the place and time are below:
Mike J Baron speaking Wednesday Feb. 25th 11:00am (30 minutes) Lindley Recreation Center 2907 Springwood Drive, Greensboro, NC Phone: (336) 373-2930
I made it so easy for YES WEEKLY to deal with this issue. If it only attended it could have published that I am brilliant and persuasive—or just another conspiracy nut with an axe to grind. To date--and for one year now, not a single Triad news media outlet has elected to investigate the abundance of evidence and charges I have filed in my stories. I have not received a single phone call or a request for an interview from any area reporter! The visual impact of my water-history-compared-to-water-forecast CHART is so strong that you would think any investigative reporter would love to shove it under a water official’s nose and get his comment. Nope. News directors have told their reporters that this powder keg is “off limits.” Will you stand for this silence from the news media? If you think this story deserves to be reported, will you write a letter to the editor and copy me? If you think Greensboro’s citizens deserve the truth, will you tell your neighbors to Google just two words—dam scam?

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