Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roch101 is reporting Greensboro News & Record’s circulation decline as NEWS—but Roch101 and area bloggers won’t report the 15-year decline in public water use as NEWS

Roch101 reports the News & Record is suffering from poor circulation

So what does a decline in newspaper circulation and a decline in public water use have in common?—PLENTY! Just watch...


The News & Record like other daily newspapers across the country is experiencing perilous times. From Roch101 (See story): “The daily circulation of the News & Record is down to 70,617 according to the latest from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, a decline of 13 percent from April* and 16 percent from a year ago when circulation was about 84,500.” That's fine with me because the News & Record is negligent for failing to investigate the dam scam. It has been the city's accomplice in the Randleman Dam Scam by misleading its readers who are taxpayers and water rate payers.

News & Record downsizing
So what does a private sector company like the N&R do during a downturn in business?—it downsizes of course. On June 7, 2007, the News & Record announced it was laying off 41 employees as part of a "business reorganization." A fuming newsroom lost 11 full-timers and 6 part-timers. And since that time we all know the future of newspapers is dismal.

Is the waterworks downsizing?
Here’s the irony. You would expect the N&R to downsize during a business downturn, but Greensboro’s water sales have steadily sunk below what was pumped (sold) during the mid-nineties when the Randleman Dam scam was forming. We’re not talking about one or two years of decline but a 15-year decline in public water use that is being concealed by both the City and the News & Record. So, because of this lengthy decline in water use (sales) the waterworks is downsizing, right? NO! It is expanding!

The Greensboro waterworks is EXPANDING by 75%
The real NEWS nobody dares to report is that Greensboro Water is expanding by 75% while public water use (sales) has plummeted over the past 15 years! Greensboro's huge expansion during a lengthy loss of water sales is NEWS! Why will no news agency report this fact?  Only a monopoly like Greensboro Water gets to expand while its water sales decline! ...and at the same time it charges more for its water.

What if...
What if Roch101 reported yesterday that the News & Record’s circulation was dying…but the N&R is HIRING and RELOCATING to larger quarters? Even elementary school students would recognize this as insanity. But that’s exactly what the Greensboro waterworks is doing and nobody knows! No local news agency will tell the citizens! What are they afraid of?

98% wrong!
98% of citizens believe that water use is skyrocketing (Source: My 2009 Telephone Survey) and they could not be more wrong! The city has pulled off a waterworks expansion scam using dishonest propaganda and a deliberate cover-up of 1.5 decades of dismal water sales. Scam rhymes with dam.

Would you like to see the City of Greensboro's only water chart? Here it is direct from the water department's website. (Click here if you think I am joking!)

This Picasso-like chart is the handiwork of Greensboro's water czar Allan Williams who has mastered the deception and the spread of misinformation for the past 12 years! He was hired to "do whatever it takes" to get the Randleman Dam and reservoir permitted and built.

Williams lied, cheated, withheld information, shut down Greensboro's award-winning water conservation program and spun every press release and on-camera interview to favor the Randleman Dam.

It's unbelievable what he and his fellow dam scammers have accomplished without getting caught—until now! The longer I keep reporting this story and the longer the city and the media keep hiding this story the more excited and motivated I get! How do you win support?—one citizen at a time!

As a whistleblower, I paid a very high price for exposing the fraud of the Randleman Dam. At least now I get the satisfaction of being set free by reporting the truth. With the truth and the Internet you can fight city hall.

The fact that the News & Record refuses to investigate the evidence of a water fraud and refuses to report the decline in Greensboro water sales explains in part why news organizations like it are failing.

Today’s impotent news media is nothing more than a “He said, she said” storyteller with the absence of any investigation. That's why those two young reporters posing as a pimp and a prostitute to expose ACORN are so badly needed today.

And that's why I am reporting—to fill the vacuum left by news agencies that no longer investigate but simply report what they are told by agencies like the City of Greensboro.

Greensboro’s daily newspaper has been nothing but a cheerleading squad for Greensboro water. The News & Record deserves to fail for concealing the truth from its readers. Misinformed readers—Greensboro’s taxpayers—have had the wool pulled over their eyes. They have been tricked into supporting an unnecessary dam to the tune of $150 million and will now inherit an ever-increasing water bill.

The price of Greensboro’s water must increase because it is selling less water while it continues to expand.

If the News & Record was expanding during a decline in sales it would have to charge $5.00 a paper on weekdays and $8.00 on Sunday. And if it was only a monopoly like the Greensboro water monopoly, maybe it could!
Attention Rio Linda

Okay, here it is again ...plain and simple for you folks in the Rio Linda section of Greensboro and soon to be annexed:

1. The News & Record's circulation continues to decline and therefore it continues to downsize. Makes sense.

2. Greensboro water sales continue to decline over 15 years yet the waterworks is currently expanding by 75%! Nobody knows, and this is NOT news?

Did ya catch that Piedmont camera guy? See that blue trendline over there in the CHART? That represents a 15-year decline in water sales! What part of decline do you not understand? And the waterworks is expanding! What part of expanding do you not understand? This is NEWS and right now as newsguys and newsgals you are looking pretty inept!

Why are you not reporting? Where is the News & Record? ..where is the Rhinoceros Times? …where is YES! WEAKLY? …where is the Carolina Journal? …and Snooz 2?...and Foxy News 8? ….and WSJS? ….and NPR?

After 1.5 years of publishing this story on the World Wide Web not a single news reporter has contacted me!

You will all look like fools when this story finally breaks! What a day that will be! That day is coming!

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