Friday, January 22, 2010

News & Record reports yesterday's water sales

The News & Record calls it water "usage" but it is really water purchased. You get a WATER BILL because you bought the water and you have to pay for it. The city manufactures and sells water for a profit. That's why you never hear the word "conservation" unless we are in a drought.

For 12 years now the N&R has reported yesterday's water use compared to the same day a year ago. It is a lame and useless report. Nothing can or should be concluded from it no matter how hard you try.

For example, yesterday Greensboro sold 29.1 million gallons. A year ago on that day it sold 31.5 million gallons. Should we conclude that water sales are declining in 2010? Nope.

You cannot conclude anything from a bogus single day comparison. LOOK - the N&R also reports yesterday's temperature and yesterday's precipitation but it does not show them on the same day one year ago. Why not? It would be useless, that's why. Yesterday it was 68 degrees and a year ago it may have been 18 degrees or 75 degrees. It's like comparing what you ate for dinner yesterday to your meal on the same day one year ago.

The one-day water comparison report got started because someone in the water resources department thought it was clever and meaningful. DUH. Apparently the News & Record thinks so too. DUH.

The real reason behind the one-day report is that it permits the city to appear it is "reporting" without actually having to provide useful and damaging information.

You see, the city is involved in a water fraud and a cover-up. That's why the City of Greensboro never shows you its history of water sales. But I do and here it is...

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