Monday, February 22, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Water department updates its water CHART

This is the City's Water Chart! It is halarious! The City has deliberately obscured the facts because it does not want you to know that water use has declined for the past 15 years!
The Water Works hid its chart here in the Greensboro City Government pages.

Aren’t you glad the city is providing detailed water information? This is the only water CHART that's available from the water department.
Below is my CHART that shows the decline in Greensboro water sales since 1995. My chart also shows Greensboro's projection of its future water needs.

You don't have to be brilliant to figure out what has happened when you review my chart.
QUESTION: Why does the Greensboro Water Resources Department NOT publish a history of water use (water sales)?

ANSWER: Because it does not want you to know that it has expanded its water works by 75% during a 15-year decline in water sales! This is criminal! Only a monopoly fueled by a fraud and a cover-up can expand during a decline in sales!

I was fired for reporting this fraud and refusing to participate in this fraud!

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