Tuesday, February 2, 2010

YES! WEAKLY’s Jordan Green made me LOL

YES! WEAKLY’s news editor Jordan Green made the following comment is his blog Sunday regarding alleged black corruption in the City of Greensboro:

"If there was evidence of corruption then YES! WEEKLY would be running lengthy articles about it and demanding accountability."

My reply that I posted to YES! WEAKLY's blog:


Your description of just how energetic YES! is to investigate and report corruption made me LOL!

Why has YES! WEAKLY failed to publish the evidence of fraud and deceit contained in my CHART that shows declining water sales since 1995 and the city's bogus water needs projections that justified the Randleman Dam? I have given you evidence that citizens are grossly misinformed and yet you refuse to publish the powder keg of FACTS that would set them straight.

Greensboro lied all the way to the Randleman Dam and you have not done your job to tell it. You have time to research Badin Lake's water 50 miles away from the Triad and publish several pages on it but you cannot find any time for the Randleman Dam scam that has enough smoking guns to melt the polar ice caps.

BACKGROUND: On June 17, 2009 Green wrote that dam scam was a "top ten best story" that he did not have time to get to that week. Six months have passed and YES! has yet to publish any dam scam facts.  (click to read fine text)

Jordan, citizens are shocked when they see the information in this CHART! Why won't YES! WEAKLY publish it?

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