Monday, May 3, 2010

City of Greensboro cannot tell the truth behind the 9% water rate increase

The real reason for the 9% water rate increase is that Greensboro's water sales are in a 19-year slump. Not enough profit is being generated form the sale of water to pay for water works operations, water works improvements and the Randleman Dam projects.

The City predicted it would sell 43 million gallons a day in 2009—it only sold 31 mgd. It overestimated by 4.4 billion gallons.

Why won't the local news media tell you about the City's bogus future water needs projections that never materialized?

The media is covering its tracks so it does not look dam foolish for failing to investigate the greatest municipal scam in the history of Greensboro—the Randleman Dam Scam.

When citizens learn that water sales have fallen to the same level as in 1991 they realize the City's future water needs predictions were a complete failure. The City of Greensboro was never running out of water. It operated a scam to get the Randleman Dam so it could compete with the growth of Raleigh and Charlotte. A new water supply was supposed to attract industry and jobs.

Now the City water works is in a real financial bind. It needs more CASH to run the operation and it cannot give the real reason for the need. When citizens discover the decline in water sales they will begin asking, “What the heck did we build the Randleman Dam for?"

FACT: After a 9% water rate increase, less water will be sold in 2011 and more water will be conserved in 2011. The more expensive Greensboro water becomes, the less it will be used.

FACT: Greensboro uses less water in 2010 than it did in 1995! The chart below contains real numbers obtained from the City of Greensboro Water Resources Department. 

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