Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snooze 2 cannot put 2 and 2 together and come up with a WATER FRAUD

WFMY TV 2 reported yesterday that “Greensboro Water Resources Director Allan Williams said the city needs the money for purchasing water from Randleman Reservoir.”

Hold on a second.

Why does the city need money to purchase water from RR? The water it purchases is turned around and sold at a profit to Greensboro's water customers. Therefore the sale of RR water pays for the purchase of RR water.

QUESTION: So why is Williams saying the city needs money to purchase RR water?

ANSWER: It’s because the city does not need water from RR—but by contract it must take it anyway! That means production at Greensboro’s two water plants must be cut back by 6 mgd to accept the 6 mgd of water from RR. And, you can count on the fact that RR water will be more expensive that Lake Townsend water

When PTRWA sets its price for exported RR water don't expect the City of Greensboro to disclose it. And then don't forget Greensboro has to suck RR water uphill 15 miles and then "mark it up" to its customers to net some profit.

Remember, GSO Water Czar Williams said that "RR water will be cheaper than Burlington water."  LOL

The City of Greensboro bought a whopping 55% of RR despite the fact that its water needs are lower now than they were 15 years ago and nobody but me is reporting this fact.

The dam scammers overestimated Greensboro's need for water (see chart) and now the citizens must pay for the dam scammers lies, arrogance and pride.

The Randleman Dam scam is the biggest municipal fraud in the history of Greensboro! It’s too bad that Snooze 2 cannot put 2 and 2 together and come up with answers like these for its viewers.

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