Friday, June 4, 2010

Why extend Greensboro's water to Alamance Elementary School?

Those who are aware of the 15-year decline in Greensboro's water sales know the real reason why the city wants to extend a water line to Alamance Elementary School. Greensboro needs new water customers! It bought more water than it can ever use! Greensboro has a lock on 53% of Randleman Reservoir! The dam scammers convinced everyone that GSO needed RD water to survive. That was a lie. It was city insiders, developers and Perkinsheads that wanted Randleman's water to profit from new industry. But manufacturing now runs on Asian water instead of Greensboro's water.

Greensboro needs water use to increase so badly that it even ended its own EPA award-winning Water Conservation Program.

Beginning this July the city is under contract to purchase 6 million gallons a day (mgd) from Randleman Reservoir. Greensboro has no use for 6 mgd! None! ZERO! NADA! And yet you would not even know had you not come here to have a drink of the truth. The rest of Greensboro is in the dark thanks to a complicit* news media.

*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: An individual is complicit in a crime if he/she is aware of its occurrence and has the ability to report the crime, but fails to do so. As such the individual effectively allows criminals to carry out a crime despite possibly being able to stop them, either directly or by contacting the authorities, thus making the individual a de-facto accessory to the crime rather than an innocent bystander.

The Greensboro water works has expanded by 75% while water demand has declined over the past 15 years. Only a monopoly can expand during a decline in business.

Greensboro is so dam defensive right now about its water surplus that everything the water works says and does should be seen as a cover-up.

This is the Randleman Dam Scam. And one of its senior dam scammers—Water Director Allan Williams is still at the helm. The Dam Scam is the largest municipal fraud in the history of Greensboro.

Williams has recently projected that Greensboro's water use will double by 2050. That unfounded claim is being repeated by others who are still in the business of justifying a dam that Greensboro never needed. Now the fraud is causing water rates to increase annually.

Mike J Baron
The City of Greensboro's only water conservation manager
1994 to 1999

7 5 %  E X P A N S I O N


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