Wednesday, May 13, 2009

North America's most expensive fishing hole

Randleman Lake---North America’s most expensive “fishing hole” will finally be open to anglers in March of 2010. Each bass taken from Randleman Lake will cost about $10,000. Don’t worry fisherpersons, taxpayers and water rate payers are picking up the tab. Someday Randleman Lake will begin furnishing drinking water to six member communities whether they need it or not. Greensboro purchased 53% of Randleman Lake but it has no need for even a fraction of Randleman's water. If it can only keep its dam scam going, it will have no explaining to do. FACT: Back in the 90’s Greensboro was assuming it would lend its experise and get to run the Randleman water plant and manage sales operations, but that didn’t pan out. PTRWA had other ideas. FACT: If Greensboro was really “running out of water” Randleman Lake would have been up and running a decade ago. Greensboro water use has declined since 1995 and that has left Randleman’s big partners like Greensboro and High Point scratching their heads trying to re-justify the whole dam project. (Click on CHART)

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