Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greensboro Water in BIG TROUBLE

$$$ Greensboro’s Water coffers are in big trouble! $$$ The City is not selling enough water to pay for the
operation of its water works!
That’s why Greensboro eliminated its award-winning Water Conservation program---because it was reducing water sales.
Greensboro cannot tell its citizens that water sales are declining because they will start asking the tough questions. And once the truth comes out, heads could roll. If the truth about 14 years of declining water sales gets out, people will begin questioning why Greensboro is purchasing an enormous water reserve---53% of Randleman Lake. Still a Secret So, the truth about low water sales is being kept a secret so it can't interfere with the dam project down in Randleman. And it must remain a secret to protect the dam scammers who tricked the citizens into supporting an unnecessary dam. (See CHART below) Water Rates Rising
Greensboro will be forced to raise water rates again ...and again and again to make up for lost water sales and the decline in water use.
Water account fees will also increase, and so will the upper tiers in the increasing block rates because the City needs more money to run the water works. And after these price increases even less water will be used requiring that rates be raised again. CAUTION: The City can't give you the real reasons why water rates are rising, it will only give you phony reasons! This issue is such a powder keg that even Greensboro’s watchdog City Council members don’t dare mention the decline in water demand.
A Monopoly can do what it wishes Nobody dares to be the first to question the continual expansion of the water works when water sales have steadily declined since 1995. A decade of dam propaganda and the concealment of facts has allowed Greensboro to get away with this scam so far. Problems Solved Greensboro’s biggest threat to its reservoirs---lawn watering was easily solved through hefty price increases. The 50-million-gallons-a-day-during-peak-demand for lawn irrigation days are history. It costs too much $$$ now to water your lawn!
And Greensboro’s largest and best water customers---textile mills have gone to Asia. Their departure represents an enormous loss of revenue that residential customers must now fill. The City of Greensboro has purchased more water than it knows what to do with. 10 years ago the new surplus of water was supposed to attract manufacturers and grow Greensboro. But times have changed. The window of opportunity was missed. A surplus of Greensboro water will no longer attract new business, so Randleman Lake is now being pitched as a solution for drought rather than for growth.
Randleman Lake as drought protection? That's not a good reason to build a reservoir, but it's all that Greensboro has left now that manufacturing is history. No amount of surplus water will bring manufacturers to Greensboro.
The window of opportunity was missed. A surplus of Greensboro water will no longer attract new industry, so Randleman Lake is now being pitched as a solution for drought rather than for growth and employment.
Now citizens have to pay for all the water Greensboro cannot use and at the same time make up for declining water sales by having their water rates raised. This is the truth. Will you help spread it? SUBSCRIBE NOW
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