Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Slow News Day at WFMY NEWS 2

It must have been a very slow news day at WFMY News 2. (story) Greensboro's reservoirs are full and the drought is over, so reporter Mac Ingraham was assigned to call the Water Department and ask if water conservation is still necessary in Greensboro. How would you expect a Water Director to answer questions about water conservation after a drought? What Willliams said to WFMY 2: "We don't want to send the message that now is the time that you can waste water because we just don't feel that's an appropriate message here in Greensboro or anywhere." What Williams would have said if he had spoken from his heart Y: “FORGET FREAKIN' CONSERVATION! START USING (BUYING $$$) ALL THE FREAKIN' WATER YOU WANT BECAUSE WE’VE GOT MORE FREAKIN' WATER THAN WE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ! OUR WATER SALES ARE SO CRAPPY THAT WE CANNOT EVEN FUND WATER WORKS OPERATIONS NEVER MIND PAY FOR ALL THOSE DAM PROJECTS DOWN IN RANDLEMAN!” Certainly by now WFMY News 2 has discovered my CHART and it knows that water use has declined and water sales are far below what was projected to fund the Randleman Dam expenses. So why didn't Mac Ingraham ask Williams anything about Greensboro's terrible forecasting or its poor water sales? Ingraham did not return my call, so I do not know. Media watchdogs are saying that the era of investigative reporting is over. Even when you hand a conspiracy over on a platter with all the evidence and the media still won't dig for the story. Williams gave the report that a Water Resources Director is supposed to give. He has to conceal his true identity as a water-seller and a water works expansion engineer. He has to keep beating the "water shortage" drum so citizens and a lame media are kept on board with the Randleman Dam projects. There is no water shortage and there never was. If I sell oranges off my push cart for one penny an orange I would have a shortage, too. Once Greensboro solved its lawn-watering "crisis" through stiff price increases it solved its contrived water shortage! Here's the truth that every news media outlet now has seen--thanks to me--and yet refuses to report--- Greensboro has more water now than it did 15 years ago…and less need for new water resources like Randleman Lake than it did 15 years ago when the dam scam began. Current water use now compares to 1993 water use. You would think that would be news. NOPE. Everything has changed a decade later. The Randleman Dam could never have been justified using today's numbers. Every report spun by Greensboro today--and every report Greensboro conceals today is to protect the Randleman project from being discovered for the fraud that it is. The City lied all the way to the Randleman Dam. Now Greensboro's water customers and taxpayers are suffering the consequences. My CHART (click on it) of water use history compared to what was projected is so easy to understand that even a caveman can see the scam. It's been sixth-grader tested and yet the News & Record won't even seek to verify my numbers with the water department. What is the local media so afraid of? Is the dam scam conspiracy that powerful? In 1998 I observed Director Williams publicly calling for "water conservation" while praying that his water sales would increase. He anxiously made daily trips to the water accounts manager (cubicle next to me) to see if water use (water sales) had gone up. My conservation programs were reducing his sales. That's why I was fired. Find accounts manager Herb Williams (retired, no relation) and ask him if I am telling the truth! You can’t embrace water conservation when you are seeking to increase water sales (profit $$$). Williams was nervous because real water conservation was happening and his department's income from water sales was dropping. Are ya followin' this camera guy? Why didn’t WFMY NoNews 2 take my CHART to Williams and ask him about sagging water sales and how he plans to make up for all the lost revenue? The reservoirs are full. Greensboro cannot wait for you to get conservation out of your minds and start using (buying) more water. Greensboro needs the revenue, but Williams has to keep citizens on board with the Randleman Dam projects so all the hype about a "water shortage" continues. That's why Greensboro does not show its water use history on its water web site. It does not want you to know the truth! Greensboro is cocealing the facts to keep the dam scam alive. Water Resources Director Allan Williams disbanded Greensboro’s Water Conservation Office, eliminated the WC program and eliminated the WC staff. Today Greensboro has nothing but a bogus WC phone number (hear my call) that leads to nowhere. Why didn’t WFMY NoNews 2 ask Williams about the disappearance of his water conservation program? Next year's water budget is on-line and the words "water conservation" are not found anywhere in it! Greensboro quit doing water conservation because too much water was being conserved. It also quit conservation because Greensboro is in the business of selling water, not conserving it. When the City hired me as WC Manager it expected my WC programs would never effect water sales or threaten the dam effort. That was their plan and it explains why they set such a low starting salary for my position. The new WC program was just for "show." Unfortunately for me and my family my programs succeeded when they were supposed to fail. I became a man marked for "removal" because my effort reduced water sales. And the reduction in water use threatened the permitting of the Randleman Dam. FACT: Even during the past two-year drought Greensboro had all the water it needed---but it had to pretend that water was scarce so the dam scam would continue undetected. Greensboro deliberately purchased water it did not need from neighboring cities just so it could claim that it needed additional water! Get it? Call me WFMY NoNews 2 and ask me. I will tell you all about it! I was a nationally recognized EPA award-winning water conservation expert that reduced Greensboro's real water demand. Wouldn't you think that Greensboro's reporters would ask me questions about drought and conservation? Nope. There is a conspiracy and a cover-up. The local media refuses to cover this story! Tell others to Google just two words---dam scam---and discover the truth. 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