Monday, June 1, 2009

No public outcry over another water rate increase

Where's the outcry over another water rate increase? The News & Record reported (see story) on May 20th that the City Council is being told by City Management that there will be no new taxes—but the water rate will increase by 6%. Why is there no public outcry? It's because the dam scammers have run a dam good scam. This was their play.... 1.—The manipulation of the water works to fail, 2.—a decade of water shortage propaganda, 3.—a lack of investigative reporting by the media, and 4.—the concealment of facts by the City of Greensboro has put the public and the media exactly where the dam scammers want them. People will accept the water rate hike because they still believe Greensboro is running out of water. That was never true. In this terrible economy with jobless people who cannot pay their bills you would think the public would be screaming at a 6% water rate increase. After all, it just went up 9% this past January. And I assure you it will increase more than 6% if you read the fine print and include the fee changes and the second tier adjustments that the water department will slip into the rate hike while nobody is looking. Wade & Rakestraw saying "NO" to water rate increase The Rhinoceros Times reported (see story) on May 28th that Council member Trudy Wade wants a budget without a water and sewer rate increase. Wade said she has had trouble explaining to her constituents how their water rates didn't increase “when they were paying $20 every three months and are now paying $60 every one month.” Council member Mary Rakestraw says she will reject a budget that includes a water rate increase. I wonder if these council members have ever seen my CHART comparing Greensboro’s water use forecast and Greensboro’s declining water demand.

Water use has declined in Greensboro—not just recently but over the past 14 years! So the water works must have downsized, right? No!—the City Water monopoly continues to EXPAND in spite declining water sales! Water customers in 2009 only purchase the equivalent of what they did way back in 1993. That’s right, 16 years ago Greensboro was using more water that it does today—and it’s being kept a secret to protect the Randleman dam scammers from being discovered. That’s the real reason for the big water rate increases. So much less water is being sold since 2000 that they have to charge more for it. And that explains why Greensboro terminated its Water Conservation program—it was reducing water sales! If this story ever reaches the public, heads could roll. Eventually the truth will come out. It took 10 years of water use history to reveal just how bogus Greensboro’s long-range water forecast was (click on CHART). It will take at least another 5 to 10 years to demonstrate just how much surplus water Greensboro has purchased in Randleman that it will never be able to use (sell). Remember, you saw it here first. Now go and tell somebody. Tell them to Google just two words—dam scam—and Google will take them directly to the Greensboro water fraud.
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