Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Award-winning author believes Dam Scam story is TRUE

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Author believes DAM SCAM is true!
15 months now...
I began reporting the Randleman Dam Scam 15 months ago. I have offered eyewitness testimony and an inconceivable amount of evidence including a CHART detailing a damaging water use history compared to water needs forecast that supports my claim that the City of Greensboro fraudulently pursued the unnecessary Randleman Dam.
And despite having offered such exhaustive analysis over 15 months not a single local or state news agency has even so much as telephoned me for a clarification. Not one mention of the dam scam has appeared in the news.

That’s unreal! And the longer this goes on, the more foolish the media looks for refusing to investigate a $150 million dollar public works project that an insider--me--declares was unnecessary.

Now an award-winning Florida environmental author believes that Greensboro lied and cheated all the way to the Randleman Dam. Author and journalist Cynthia Barnett has reviewed my story about water fraud in Greensboro and is lending her support.

Ms. Barnett phoned me and stated that she knows exactly what I have been up against. And she believes what I have stated is true. How comforting it was to find a sympathetic ear. Then she autographed and mailed her book “Mirage” with the inscription, “You were right.” Cynthia Barnett (web page) has been a reporter and editor at newspapers and magazines for twenty years. Since 1998, she’s written for Florida Trend magazine, where she covers investigative, environmental, public policy and business stories.

Her numerous journalism awards include seven Green Eyeshades, which recognize outstanding journalism in 11 southeastern states. Her first book, Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S., published in 2007 by the University of Michigan Press, won the Gold medal for best nonfiction in the Florida Book Awards. Ms. Barnett said that the Greensboro water fraud story will likely become a chapter in her next book. Maybe by then a local news agency will have decided to do an investigation of its own. I recall wishing that I had a “Jerry Bledsoe” of my own to work the dam scam the way that terminated Police Chief David Wray benefited from having Bledsoe write about the cops scandal.

Maybe my wish is coming true.


NEWS FLASH: I began my DAM SCAM REPORT 15 months ago! To date not a single local or state news agency has seen fit to inform citizens about the damaging content contained in my CHART! Will you write a letter to the editor? Will you blog the truth, or stand for it being blocked?

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Is the news media afraid of some powerful Greensboro conspiracy?...or is it embarrassed that it has been scammed right along with the general public?

IMPORTANT: Since the media refuses to cover this scam it is very important that you encourage others to Google just two words--dam scam! TANKS!

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  1. Mike, I've been a little preoccupied with my own battles this week, but I wanted to drop a note of encouragement - and I am glad you got some (small) measure of vindication by an expert.

    Alas, the N&R is once again rattling the bones of the dead horse named Truth & Reconcilliation. It keeps them from looking at ANY of the local or state corruption stories right under their noses just begging to be covered.