Wednesday, August 19, 2009

President Obama CHART and Greensboro water CHART

CHARTS often do a much better job than TEXT when it comes to conveying change. The chart above shows the changes in President Obama's approval and disapproval ratings since February. It is easy to understand, and that's why we use CHARTS.
Greensboro’s news media refuses to show you my CHART (below) revealing Greensboro’s steadily declining water demand since 1995. Why? Any citizen who learns that Greensboro water use has declined ever since 1995 should be asking WHY the City of Greensboro is expanding its water resources by 75%. Greensboro faked its need for the Randleman Dam, and now it is faking its need for more water.
Nobody believed me when I warned of this in 1999 after I was fired, but now 10 years have passed and the water department's own numbers confirm what I predicted.
Mike J Baron Greensboro's only Water Conservation Manager (Fired for doing my job--reducing water use) 1994 - 1999 You can right-click on my CHART, save it to your hard drive and then email it to your neighbors. Tell them to Google just two words --dam scam and learn all about Greensboro's water fraud.


  1. You need to get with Dr. Mary Johnson. You two are quite a pair.

  2. Why yes, we are, oh brave anon. Randolph County is just full of crookery.

    Are you gonna report us to "flag" at the White House?

    Wait, the Obamanation backed away from that one.