Friday, September 11, 2009

News & Record refuses to inform its readers about Greensboro’s declining need for water

(This is my Thur. Sept. 10th story that is being re-posted after removing the bad code that interfered with We101 operations)

Monday the Greensboro News &  Record provided its readers with an update on the progress of the Randleman Dam. The story was "Turn on the tap? Not yet, but soon."

Sadly, the N&R continues to carry water for the City of Greensboro.

Reporter Taft Wireback wrote, “After 50 years of debate, 15 years of planning and nearly a decade of sporadic construction, Randleman Reservoir is moving through its final stages.” He neglected to mention the 15 years of false reporting and the deliberate lowering of its reservoirs that paved the way for Greensboro to steal water from the Deep River—water that it does not need!

Wireback wrote, “The city is using its existing water-supply lakes north of town at close to their maximum capacity, supplemented with purchases from the Burlington and Reidsville water systems.” Of course Greensboro is purchasing water from its neighbors. That's so you think Greensboro needs that water. It doesn't! It is just for show.
Wireback has seen my CHART and he knows that Greensboro no longer needs water like it did back in the 90’s. So why did he neglect to ask Water Director Williams why Greensboro is expanding it’s water resources by 75% when water demand is 27% below forecast? (See CHART)
Why is Greensboro expanding it’s water resources by 75% when its water use is 27% below the forecast and lower than in 1995?

In previous stories I have offered proof detailing how during summertime peak demand the City deliberately sold water for lawns below cost to lower its reservoirs and convince everyone that it was running out of water. The minute the dam was approved the city raised the water rates and solved its peak demand problem. And the cover-up continues.

The minute Randleman Dam was approved Greensboro raised the cost of lawn watering and solved its peak demand problem

I knew in 1995 how simple it would have been to solve Greensboro's water shortage. Selling water for lawns below cost was the sole reason for low reservoirs. All Greensboro had to do was charge a premium for lawn watering and about 5 million gallons a day would have been saved during peak demand. Of course, had Greensboro done that in 1995 it would never have been able to argue for the Randleman Dam.

The boss knew that I knew exactly what he was doing. On top of that, my programs were reducing water use. That's why I was fired.

The N&R reported that the Randleman water plant’s initial production will be 12 million gallons per day. Of that Greensboro is entitled to 6.35 million gallons per day. GSO Water Director Williams was quoted, “The city will use its full allotment from day one.” Of course he would say that. Do you think Williams would ever admit, “We don’t need it?”

And nobody knows how much PTRWA will be charging Greensboro for water. Director Williams claims it will be "much cheaper" than Burlington's water. He is lying through his teeth.
Greensboro has done everything in its power to perpetuate the myth that it is running out of water. At this late stage don't expect the City to suddenly admit that Randleman Dam isn't needed.

And if reporter Taft Wireback was in an inquisitive mood he could have asked Williams why he ended Greensboro's Water Conservation program. But NO-O-O!—the News & Record refuses to report that the City shut down its highly successful US EPA 1996 and 1997 1st place award-winning Water Conservation Office.

ANSWER: Greensboro’s Water Conservation Program became too successful (see CHART) and it became a threat to the Randleman Dam.

In case you haven’t noticed, Greensboro always gets what Greensboro wants.

Greensboro won approval for the Randleman Dam using lies, deception, false reports and propaganda. The dam scammers' efforts were so successful that Greensboro even today during these hard economic times gets away with hiking its water rates—while water use has declined since 1995. News & Record, that's NEWS! 

Greensboro's water-shortage propaganda has been so effective that if Mars had water citizens would fund a galactic pipeline to go get it.

And who is the dam scammer’s chief accomplice?—the Greensboro News & Record that has misled citizens with its dam reporting and complete lack of investigation.

Right-click on my CHART, save it and then email it to your neighbors....or else they will never see the evidence revealing the scam. Tell them to Google just two words—dam scam.

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