Friday, November 13, 2009

Rhinoceros Times misinforms readers

Where has Rhino reporter Paul C. Clark been for the past year and a half?

Has he not read the “Randleman Dam Scam” story by me—a city hall insider who blew the whistle about a water fraud? Does Clark not know that Greensboro’s water use has been declining ever since 1995?

In today’s Rhino Times story “High Point Manager Says No Dam Fishing” Clark wrote:

 Half of the 12 million gallons a day of water from the new lake will go to Greensboro, which badly needs the water.”


Clark needs to do some serious fact checking. Greensboro does not "badly need the water" as Clark claims. Greensboro has more water NOW than it's had over the past 20 years! CLICK on CHART

Greensboro has MORE storage tanks, MORE distribution pipes, MORE treatment capacity and MORE water resources with connections to Reidsville, Burlington and High Point and yet it is currently using LESS WATER than it did during the mid-nineties when it was falsly justifying a need for the Randleman Dam.

Try and figure this—Greensboro is currently expanding its water resources by 75% while water use has been declining 27% ever since 1995. Only a monopoly with great propaganda and news media accomplices can get away with something like this! Government never seems to downsize. It expands and it increases taxes....and in this case, taxes and the water rates.

The waterworks profits TWICE
And forgive me for neglecting to inform my readers that Greensboro's waste water treatment business is suffering, too! Sales are bad on the collection end as well as the distribution end. The waterworks bills you twice so it can profit twice. Greensboro needs more sewage revenue because in-flow to the sewer plants has declined. The local news media has not told you about this decline either. Perhaps under the FOI Act I will request the waste water numbers from Greensboro and make a second CHART.

Water distribution is a profit center and waste water treatment is a profit center. Both are suffering because we are switching from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Service industries like FED EX don't use much water and they don't polute much water.

Unfortunately, when industry departs and the waterworks loses their best customers, residential water customers must make up the difference. Are you getting this? Now you know the REAL REASON why water and sewer rates are going up.

Greensboro’s water sales and waste water treatment sales are suffering. You would never know this had you not read my report!

The waterworks has lost revenue because Greensboro never has been able to sell all the water it projected it would sell (see CHART). Why is reporter Clark telling his readers that "Greensboro badly needs water?"

FACT: Greensboro badly needs to sell more water! That's why Greensboro eliminated its EPA award-winning water conservation program! When you badly need to sell water you don't run a program that saves water!

Of course the City of Greensboro cannot/will not admit its water sales are suffering ...else its citizens will begin asking, "Why?"….and then the cat would come popping out of the bag.

I can understand the News & Record keeping the cat in the bag all these years…but the Rhino Times???? John Hammer, what's gotten into you?

It’s no wonder that 97% of Greensboro’s residents are misinformed about water use (SOURCE: 2009 Telephone Survey) with false statements like today's in the Rhinoceros Times. Greensboro has plenty of water and this is being kept a secret to conceal a water fraud and to protect the dam scammers who lied and made false reports believing the ends justified their means.

Okay Paul C. Clark and the rest of Greensboro's impotent news media who refuse to investigate the Dam Scam, let me make this real easy for you. I've installed a special telephone line to my one window basement apartment just for the lamestream media!

When you need to check the facts and avoid embarrassing errors like "Greensboro badly needs the water," just call me and I'll be glad to set you straight.

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