Friday, November 20, 2009

The Randleman Dam has already failed its mission and the first drop of water has yet to be delivered

Greensboro’s tax payers and water customers never knew that city officials had two (2) separate sets of objectives for the Randleman Dam.

You only heard the stated objective that was fed to the media, citizens and state officials. The stated objective claimed that Greensboro was "running out of water" and the Randleman Dam was needed for Greensboro's survival.

That claim was false ...but packaged to appear true. I saw how it was done. To pull it off the city manipulated its reservoirs, underpriced its water, gave incentives for lawn watering, sold irrigation water below cost, concealed information, ended its water conservation program and falsified reports to rally citizen support and funding for the Randleman project. That’s fraud. The media refuses to investigate the charges documented here and I am the only one reporting the scam for the Randleman Dam.

There was another objective—the secret objective! The secret intent of the dam scammers was to secure a huge surplus of water that would permit northern manufacturers to relocate to Greensboro and help the city grow.

This secret objective was hidden from the public because citizens would reject a dam project for growth and development. Most people (and city council members not connected to real estate in any way) believe that development should pay its own expenses.

So the dam scammers tricked the citizens into believing that Greensboro was running out of water and a new reservoir was needed for survival. That's something the scammers believed that citizens would support financially. And they did. And they continue to do so. And they have been kept it the dark about what has happened.

A Decade later...
Enough years have now become history to demonstrate that the stated objective for the Randleman Dam has failed. That objective was bogus. Greensboro has more water now than it did when the dam was being justified in the mid-nineties.

The city is using less water now than when the dam was being justified. The city never ran out of water.

And the projected future water needs that justified Randleman Dam never materialized(see dotted line in CHART). These embarrassing projections have been concealed along with the decline in water use. The local news media is participating in the cover-up. Where is the outrage? There is no outrage because the citizens are uninformed.

Nearly 100% of citizens are completely unaware of the facts (SOURCE: 2009 Telephone Survey). Randleman Dam was unnecessary. It's pursuit will raise people's water bills for decades to come.

The "secret" objective was the dam scammers real motivation and it has also failed. I know of no manufacturers that were recruited because Randleman water is coming on line. In fact, Greensboro has lost several industrial water users (lost sales)—the best customers it had.

Water is no longer needed to attract new industry because manufacturing is in decline (see red line in chart). The manufacturing economy is being replaced by a service economy and service industries like FED EX do not require the vast amounts of water that Greensboro has in Randleman Lake.

Both failed...
Since both the public objective and the secret objective have failed without a single drop of water arriving from Randleman, the dam scammers are now substituting a new stated objective for the Randleman Dam—drought protection. It's not much, but it is all the dam scammers have.

Greensboro got through the last drought very well but nevertheless it took full advantage of the drought to keep citizens' wallets open and minds fixed on the Randleman Dam as the solution—for drought. People are now being taught to fear that drought will destroy Greensboro ...and that's what Randleman Dam is for—drought mitigation.

City insiders and the dam scammers have been in panic mode for a decade now because nothing the city predicted would happen has happened! Water use has steadily declined and the city with the media's cooperation is concealing the facts. This issue is a powder keg. The longer news people like YES! WEEKLY's Jordan Green sit on this story the better it becomes. Everyone asks, "Why isn't John Hammer on this?" Maybe it's more like a land mine than a powder keg...and no reporter wants to poke around it out of fear.

Water sales are suffering. Waste water treatment sales are suffering. And the city cannot tell the truth about why water rates are going up else the citizens will realize that Randleman was never needed. The dam scammers fear if the truth gets out, citizens will revolt and heads will roll. Fortunately, so far it is only me reporting on the water fraud and the cover-up ....and anybody you tell.

Drought protection is a poor reason to expand by 75%
Purchasing 53% of Randleman Lake for “drought protection” is grossly irresponsible. That’s a 75% increase of Greensboro’s water supply (SOURCE: Water Director Allan Williams).

Water use has declined since 1995!  We have more water now than we did back then! Yet the City of Greensboro continues to carefully craft its interviews and press releases to lead people to believe that water is scarce and the Randleman Dam is the only solution. It's a cover-up. And if you are in the news media you are an accomplice.

Even a state official quoted in the Carolina Journal falsely believes "Greensboro water use is escalating!"

NO-O-O! Water use has DECREASED!

What part of decrease do you not understand?

And all of Greensboro's citizens believe it is still increasing because newspapers like the Rhino and the N&R are reporting that water is "badly needed" in Greensboro. That is false!

Are you citizens getting this? Are you environmentalists getting this? Do you now see how Randleman was achieved using deceit? Citizens were tricked into supporting the Randleman Dam so manufacturers would relocate here—and they didn't! Now Greensboro's citizens must pay for the dam scammers' poor judgment and dishonesty. 

FACT: Randleman Lake will become M T in a drought ....just like every other reservoir empties during a drought. Dought is the newest justification for a $150 million dollar investment and it won't fly. But it's all the dam scammers can come up with after having failed in their secret mission to attract industry and keep Greensboro competitive with Raleigh and Charlotte.

More Rain on the Randleman Dam Parade...
And last but not least, Greensboro's water rates will keep going up to pay for this fiasco. Industry has left, water sales are in a slump and the only source of cash besides President Obama's stimulus package is the wallets of Greensboro's citizens.

And the more the city raises the water rates, the less the resource will be used (needed)(sold) because people will be more careful how they use it! If water bills jumped to $200 a month imagine how short your shower would become and how brown your lawn would become. All the leaking toilets in Greensboro would finally get the repairs they've been needing.....and water use will decline.

The dam scammers responsible for this fraud are certain city council members, mayors, city managers, assistant city managers, water resources directors, news reporters, editors, and TV newscasters.

The Queen of the Dam Scammers
Former Mayor Carolyn Allen will always be my least favorite dam scammer. She was the environmentalist mayor who loved the recycling program but abandoned the water conservation program when it became a threat to the Randleman Dam. Yes, she was all about consensus...even when consensus results in fraud.



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  3. It's a sad day when we turn our back on modern environmental responsibility for the sake of laziness and profit.