Sunday, November 22, 2009

My reply to Greensboro News & Record editor John Robinson's Sunday blog

Today in his blog (above), News & Record editor John Robinson postulates journalism's decline in a story called "What's happened to newspapers" (To read it click on story)

I posted the following comment to his blog:

To: John Robinson, Editor Greensboro News & Record

Nice try at exempting the News & Record from “all of the above” …..but the Greensboro daily continues to conceal the 15-year decline in public water use and the failed water needs forecast that "justified" the Randleman Dam project. The forecast was bogus but you would never know that from reading the Greensboro News & Record.

My 2009 Telephone Survey demonstrated that 97% of Greensboro’s citizens are misinformed about fundamental Greensboro water facts and yet your paper is unwilling to set them straight.

Here's to you Mister Robinson:
I informed you personally in 1997 and 1998 that water demand was declining and that city managers were concealing the decline. You did nothing with my reports. Now it’s a decade later and the proof is in that everything Greensboro said about its future water needs and the Randleman Dam was false. And the News & Record remains silent.

Greensboro eliminated its US Environmental Protection Agency 1st place award-winning highly cost-effective water conservation program because it became a threat to the Randleman Dam and your paper has yet to investigate it or report it.

Citizens are using less water today than when the justification for the dam was made in 1995 and your paper refuses to report it as fact. Water use has declined since 1995 and nobody knows thanks to your newspaper's silence.

And you wonder why your newspaper circulation is declining.

Mike J Baron


  1. there any reports on greensboro's water, because I cannot stand the smell nor the taste of this water.

  2. TIP: Put tap water in a pitcher and store it in the fridge WITHOUT A LID ON IT. The chlorine smell will leave.