Friday, November 27, 2009

Climate Change scandal and Randleman Dam scandal receiving same treatment

Very damaging insider emails have recently surfaced exposing the fraud of man-made climate change. Billions of dollars about to be invested in global warming are now at risk. So are the reputations of experts and politicians who were about to take us down the wrong path. Does it surprise you that the climate fraud story is not being covered by the mainstream news?

Dam scammers took us down the wrong path
My CHART showing the history of public water use since 1995 and Greensboro's faulty forecast of future water needs is all you need to recognize that a fraud and a cover-up are underway. This CHART contains irrefutable damaging information but like the climate change fraud, the news media refuses to acknowledge the CHART's existence. Too much is at stake. And then there is the embarrassment of being wrong or having been fooled.

There is no question about my CHART's newsworthiness if my numbers are true. And when you add the fact that my 2009 telephone survey revealed that 97% of citizens are terribly misinformed about public water use, the CHART deserves a spot on the front page. Citizens want the facts contained in the CHART and citizens deserve the facts contained in the CHART. The local news is ignoring the CHART. Pretty soon it won't have a choice.

Since 2007...
My well-documented stories and my public water use CHART began appearing at this site one and one-half years ago. Then in 2008 water use went down by 3 million gallons a day! Imagine that. Nobody but me reported the 3 million gallon a day decline from 2007 to 2008.

So far nobody has dared to challenge the data in my CHART! It is easy to confirm my numbers by simply calling the water department. Why hasn't the News & Record done that? You would think the N&R would be the first to dispute my claims because it has the most to lose if I am right. I AM right and I have the truth on my side.

The local news media has not contacted me a single time regarding my claims of fraud and cover-up by the City of Greensboro. The longer the reporters avoid the data in the CHART the stronger the case for fraud becomes.

The City of Greensboro, the News & Record, YES! WEEKLY and the Rhinoceros Times are losing credibility by avoiding my dam scam reports. The evidence I have provided is overwhelming. Reputations are in jeopardy. Heads could roll. A public uproar is likely. These dam ignorant news reporters and editors will be viewed as accomplices for their failure to investigate and report this fraud. They will look like fools when the public catches on to the dam scam.

Dam about to burst

Hopefully this dam fraud story will burst wide open before I assume room temperature. That's why I installed a direct phone line for the local news to contact me.

You can help speed things up by simply telling your neighbors and colleagues to Google just two words - dam scam. It's Google's #1 story atop one million pages appearing in a search for "dam scam." But like the climate change scandal, you would not know it by reading or watching the mainstream local news.

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