Thursday, December 3, 2009

Climate-gate same as Gate City's water-gate

The University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit has just been caught hiding data about the Earth's declining temperature. Why would they scuttle that data? Well DUH!—Billions of dollars in funding for climate change remedies are at stake. And so are people’s prides, reputations and jobs! Even entire companies expecting work could fold!

How is this any different than the City of Greensboro fabricating a water shortage to justify building the Randleman Dam …..and then conducting a 15-year cover-up of data that shows water use is decreasing when Greensboro predicted it would be increasing? Hmmmmmmmmm?

The City of Greensboro and its media accomplices are deliberately concealing a 15-year decline in public water use that blows their whole dam argument right out of Randleman’s water! Why? Well double DUH! It’s being done to protect the dam scammers’ pride, reputations and jobs. Nobody wants their name attached to this fraud.

How do you think the state and the feds will feel about being scammed? The dam scammers must continue to pitch their false claim of water scarcity to keep citizens’ wallets wide open and minds made up for the completion of the Randleman Dam—and not get caught in this scam!

QUESTION: Why is there no public outcry for having been tricked into financially supporting an unnecessary 75% expansion of Greensboro’s waterworks!

ANSWER: Because 97% of citizens don’t have the facts and have fallen for the propaganda! Virtually all of Greensboro’s residents falsely believe that water use is steadily INCREASING (SOURCE: My 2009 Telephone Survey).

Citizens still believe the Randleman Dam is a necessity. They have been misguided.

That’s not surprising given the water-shortage hype they have been fed since 1995.

Even after seeing the numbers my pastor believes water use must be increasing! He said, "Those numbers can't be right."

It only seems logical to the folks that water use will always increase. That "logic" is faulty but it works to the dam scammers advantage. Now you know why the water department only publishes "yesterday's water use" and does not publish water use over the past 13 years the way my CHART has it. They are not stupid.

Here's a novel idea for all reporters, news editors and doubting bloggers - why don't you verify the numbers in my CHART  by sending an email with the CHART attached to Greensboro water supply manager Steve Drew at  

Ask Mr. Drew if the daily water use amounts I have published from 1995 to 2008 are correct. How hard is that? After all, many of you have written several times in your blogs, "Well, if Baron's numbers are correct....." Does anyone think I am making them up?

Citizens, state officials and federal officials have been deliberately misled so Randleman’s abundant water would enable Greensboro to compete with Raleigh and Charlotte. The “surplus water” was supposed to attract manufacturers —but the window of opportunity to attract industry has been missed. So a new justification for the Randleman Dam has surfaced—drought. Drought is a dam poor excuse to purchase 53% of Randleman Lake!
(Click on graphic to view fill size)

The Randleman Dam is the scam of the century. Once the citizens learn the naked truth and review my documentation they will understand why the dam was a scam. It was the last thing Greensboro should have done....but the scammers made it the first and only choice.

The Randleman Dam is the scam of the century. Remember Project Homestead? The same officials and politicians running the dam scam were creating the Homestead fiasco. Project Homestead was tiddleywinks compared to Randleman!

Greensboro's citizens are using less water today than 15 years ago! Hello-o-o? And not a single Greensboro news reporter or news editor dares to walk on Randleman water!

If global warming scientists are committing fraud by concealing declining temperatures, then the City of Greensboro is committing fraud for hiding the 15-year decline in water use …and hiding its failed water forecast that justified the Randleman Dam.

Al Gore and his band of "scientists" are proving to be climate scammers. Dozens of Greensboro managers, officials and politicians are dam scammers for having secretly secured the Randleman Dam using lies, deception and false reports while concealing the truth about declining water use and the complete failure of the water needs forecast that justified the dam.

Does anyone have any questions?

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