Sunday, December 6, 2009

How much water did Greensboro pump in 2009?

During the first week of January the Water Resources Department will tabulate the total amount of water it pumped during 2009.

You would think the Water Resources Department would publish the 2009 results on its web page. It won’t. It never has. If the total was published, citizens would immediately want to compare it to previous years. Heaven forbid!

Greensboro conceals the history of its water use. Can you guess why? Shouldn’t that make you suspicious?

The only statement Greensboro makes about water use on its web page is this useless report called "yesterday’s water use compared to one year ago." It is a way of reporting without having to provide any real information.

Every day Greensboro sends the single day report to the News & Record for publication. Apparently the N&R believes it is newsworthy because it has been printing the useless daily report for 12 years!

FACT: A single day of water use compared to the same day last year is as useless as yesterday's temperature compared to the same day one year ago. Nothing can or should be concluded from a single-day report.
Last year during the first week of January, I requested total water use for 2008 from the water department under the Freedom of Information Act. The water department replied that 2008’s water use was 30.9 million gallons a day (MGD). Unless you read my dam scam report you would never have learned that figure.

When I was managing water conservation in 1995, water use was 34.6 MGD. Last year's water use was less than what Greensboro pumped 13 years ago! Do you think citizens deserve to know?

1995     34.6 MGD

2008     30.9 MGD

Do these totals grab your attention? They should. There is a City of Greensboro cover-up underway. The news media is refusing to investigate it. The public deserves to know the truth.

Water use in 2008 was 30.9 MGD. What was the water use for the previous year? Are you curious? Nobody knows that 2007’s water use was 33.7MGD. From 2007 to 2008 water use declined by 2.8 million gallons a day.

2007                       33.7 MGD
2008                       30.9 MGD
Forecasted for 2008   42.4 MGD

Greensboro never mentions the future water needs forecast because water use went down when it was supposed to go up.

The cover-up is necessary to keep citizens minds and wallets wide open for the Randleman Dam.
Visit my dam scam web page the first week of January and you'll see 2009's water use added to the CHART below.

My guess is that 2009's water use will be about the same as 2008's water use.



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