Saturday, December 26, 2009

Greensboro's water surplus

Greensboro has a surplus of water to sell. Nobody knows. The surplus must be kept a secret so nobody catches on to the dam scam.

QUESTION: Would the City of Greensboro ever purchase water from Burlington just to make it appear that its own reservoirs are inadequate?

Of course it would! There is a scam and a cover-up underway. That scam and cover-up must be protected and fortified. One of the first things my naysayers site to refute my dam scam is this: 
"...but Greensboro has to buy water from Burlington and Reidsville!"

Oh yeah? According to who? According to the dam scammers, that's who! It is time that you naysayers begin putting 2 and 2 together. When a department head wants a new copier...or a new truck.....or a bigger budget he has to make the current copier or truck or budget appear inadequate. And sometimes those needs are faked. Buying water from neighboring cities when it is not needed is a Greensboro TRICK. It also adds cost. Everybody falls for it because they read it in the News & Record so it must be true. C'mon dam scam naysayers, wise up!

Are you influenced by COMMERCIALS? - NO-O-O, NOT ME-E-E!
Don't you snicker whenever you hear someone boast that they are not affected by commercials and advertising? You have been affected by two decades of water propaganda and yet you claim that you haven't? Sorry, that won't fly. Dry reservoirs by design have left an impression on you.

Greensboro is currently selling 3 million gallons of water a day LESS than it was selling back in 1995 when the dam was being justi-lied. Admit it - without my report you would not even know this shocking fact. When Randleman Lake opens for BUSINESS Greensboro will have expanded its water works by 75% after 15 years of declining water sales. Does that information seem newsworthy to you? Have you ever seen it reported anywhere but here?

Greensboro's dismal water sales are unable to finance its water works operations and pay for the dam. Keep your wallets wide open for annual rate hikes. To gain the proper perspective you must understand that the City is in the water-selling-for-profit BUSINESS. It's not a water-conserving society. You only hear about conservation from Greensboro when it has no water to sell. Now it has plenty. You will never hear the word conservation again because Randleman water is coming on line in 2010. Greensboro is under contract to take its share from Randleman Lake whether it needs it or not. Do you know what that means? Guess.

I have yet to hear the News & Record ask, "How much will Randleman water cost Greensboro's water customers?" Hmmmm. What if Greensboro does not approve of PTRWA's price for Randleman water? What then? And Greensboro will be sucking Randleman water 15 miles uphill. Water is heavy and it takes lots of energy to move it. How much cost will that add?

The Randleman Dam is Greensboro's scam of the century. The citizens have been molded into "believers" by dishonest dam scammers and a participating news media that refuses to publish my CHART. The folks are convinced that water use is CLIMBING. It isn't. It has declined since 1995! And the shocking numbers are NOT "news" according to local reporters and news editors. If you tell a resident that water use is LESS today than 15 years ago he won't believe you! Try it! - I dare you! You won't be taken seriously. That's how effective the propaganda has been. Admit it. Without my reporting you would have never known.

COMING SOON!....water use results for 2009! A DAM SCAM EXCLUSIVE! You won't find it anywhere but here! What will it be? See my CHART sometime after January 3rd.


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  2. I know all about water demands. My family and I have two poisoned wells on our propery. First Piedmont Corporation illegally buried hazardous chemicals in residential areas in Caswell County. My website, has most of the details.

    I hope you get more help and interest than I have gotten. Caswell County won't even acknowledge that there is a Federal Superfund Hazardous Waste Dump in the Northern part of the county. Right on Route 86, touching the state line. Caswell is lucky that the poisons that are running out of the illegal dump is running North, into the City of Danvilles Pumpkin Creek, right through two childrens playgrounds. My own persona well is contaminated with methyl chloride, a carcinogenic chemical from GoodYear Danville. My late Father died from cancer, after drinking from a well he didn't know was contaminated with tetrachloroethylene, another bad chemical from GoodYear Danville. What a mess we have! The deed books didn't list any Superfund Chemical Hazardous Waste Dump in it. Just solid waste, non-toxic stuff. Now we have found out the truth, and the truth is very ugly.

    Thank you for your time, and good luck with your issues. I doubt if you will get the help you seek. The gov't doesn't help those who aren't in the upper class, aren't connected to the who's who. Don't expect otherwise, because you will be disappointed.

    Randy Dowdy and family.