Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stegosaurus crap

Mike's declining water use CHART:

The City of Greensboro's CHART found on its water web page....


Dear Dam Scam Readers:
The shocking information contained in my CHART is being kept secret by the City of Greensboro to cover up the fraudulent Randleman Dam project. The local news agencies are aware of Greensboro's failed water forecast and they have refused to report this as news. If you think the public needs to know that Greensboro is using less water today than it did 15 years ago, please join my effort to spread the truth and expose this cover-up. Tell your neighbors to Goggle just 2 words - dam scam -  and learn the truth about the City of Greensboro.

Return the first week of January and you'll see that I have added 2009's daily water use to my CHART. You won't find 2009's results published by the City of Greensboro and you won't find 2009 covered by the local news! It is a DAM SCAM EXCLUSIVE and you will only find it here! 

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