Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 added to the DAM SCAM CHART...and BREAKING NEWS.......

Breaking story......

Yesterday the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority(PTRWA-the Dam Authority)refused to release the 50-year water needs projections I requested under the Freedom of Information Act. PTRWA directed me to the six partners for their individual projections. I informed PTRWA that according to the NC General Statute it is the "custodian" of the 50-year projections and I am entitled to them. (Ed, could it be that the 50-year water needs projections you referenced do not even exist?)

Greensboro is looking pretty dam foolish for its failure to accurately project future water needs (But only to those who have read my stories. Most citizens know nothing thanks to the local news media). Everyone knows when the price of anything goes up, use goes down. And everyone knows a service economy needs much less water than a manufacturing economy. Why couldn't Greensboro apply those two factors and forecast a decline in its water needs? (Because it was faking a shortage and justi-lying the Randleman Dam, that's why!) Maybe PTRWA does not want to appear equally foolish by showing its 50-year projections. Stay tuned for more news about PTRWA's refusal to release the document.

North Carolina General Statute

§ 132‑6. Inspection and examination of records.
(a) Every custodian of public records shall permit any record in the custodian's custody to be inspected and examined at reasonable times and under reasonable supervision by any person, and shall, as promptly as possible, furnish copies thereof upon payment of any fees as
Applicable to State agencies after June 30, 1996;

Political subdivisions and their agencies that are not otherwise covered by this schedule, after June 30, 1998.

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