Wednesday, January 13, 2010

YES! WEEKLY, the Rhinoceros Times and the News & Record refuse to print my letter

I sent the following Letter to the Editor to Greensboro's three newspapers on 10-28-09. My letter was not published by YES! WEEKLY, not published by the Rhinoceros Times and not published by the Greensboro News & Record.

Letter to the Editor:

The City of Greensboro is expanding its water supply by 75% despite the fact that public water use has declined since 1995. You know and I know that nobody else knows Greensboro’s dirty little secrets — that water use has declined and Greensboro grossly exaggerated its future water needs.

According to my recent telephone survey, 97% of Greensboro residents think that water use has increased since 1995. It hasn’t. Greensboro uses less water today than it did 15 years ago when the justification for the Randleman Dam was being made.

If 97% of citizens believe incorrectly about their city’s water needs, doesn’t your publication have an obligation to correct its readers’ error and inform them that water use has decreased since 1995?

When people search two words — dam scam in Google they find the Randleman Dam Scam is number one atop 800,000 other pages. Why hasn’t your publication investigated the incriminating evidence offered in the stories I have posted? Why hasn’t your publication verified the numbers in my water chart with the water department and then published the shocking truth for all to see?

Mike J Baron

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