Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Water trapped behind Randleman Dam officially named

It’s official. The body of water trapped behind the Randleman Dam has a new name—the Randleman Regional Reservoir (RRR). The Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority (PTRWA) selected the name yesterday.

The PTRWA RRR opens March 1st for fishing and recreation. Drinking water will be exported to the six community partners beginning in June or July pending the completition of the RRR water treatment plant and the partner's distribution lines.

The City of Greensboro owns the biggest slice of the RRR pie—53%. With the RRR purchase Greensboro is expanding its water works by 75%.


This just goes to show you, if you have enough money and enough influence and you are willing to falsify reports and conceal data you can cause water to flow uphill.

Deep River water purchased by Greensboro will not be returned to the Deep River. It will be sold to GSO water customers, collected by GSO sewer plants and then discharged into the Haw River (see my illustration below).

Greensboro's initial share of Randleman water will be 6 million gallons a day (mgd) and can legally rise to 28mgd. Currently Greensboro citizens and businesses purchase 31mgd from the city's own reservoirs.The decline in water sales since 1995 is being kept a secret by the City of Greensboro to protect its interests in the Randleman Dam and conceal the city's overstated water needs.

PROJECTED FOR 2009    43mgd
SOLD IN 2009                   31mgd         
Greensboro projected it would sell 43mgd in 2009. It only sold 31.3mgd in 2009. The city overestimated its 2009 water needs by 4.4 billion gallons.

FACT: Greensboro sells less water today in 2010 than it did in 1995 when it was discounting the price of water to drive up demand and lower its reservoirs to justify the Randleman Dam.

Citizens are completely unaware of the decline in water sales since 1995. The Randleman Dam Scam is the largest scam in the history of Greensboro.

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