Thursday, March 11, 2010

DAM SCAM EXCLUSIVE: Adams Farm will drink its own waste water!

Here’s something really unusual about the City of Greensboro's water service to Adams Farm that impacts all Greensboro citizens. Greensboro residents and politicians don’t know this. Adams Farm residents don’t know this. Ed Cone does not even know this. It’s another one of Greensboro’s dirty little water secrets.

When Greensboro annexed the Adams Farm community two decades ago it could not provide sewer service to the area. Adams Farm was simply too far away. So the City of Greensboro worked out an agreement with the City of Jamestown to accept Adams Farm’s waste water—for a premium, of course.

However, because the City of Jamestown has no waste water treatment plant of its own, Jamestown then sends Adams Farm’s waste water on to the City of High Point for treatment at its Eastside Waste Water Treatment Plant—for a premium, of course.

Adams Farm's customers are billed by the City of Greensboro like every other water customer. But the City of Jamestown bills Greensboro for Adams Farm's waste water. Then Jamestown pays the City of High Point to treat Adams Farm's waste water. So Adams Farm's waste water is marked up twice! You see, when it comes to annexation, the City of Greensboro does whatever it takes! The same "by hook or crook" applied to the Randleman Dam!

Because Adams Farm customers pay the same waste water fee that other Greensboro residents pay, it means that all City of Greensboro water customers subsidize the extra costs of sending Adams Farm waste water thru Jamestown and then on to High Point.

In Greensboro’s scam to get the dam, because citizens feared the city was "running out of water" (Now proven to be false) they paid very little attention to the quality of the water that would flow into Randleman Reservoir (RR). Not many realize that just upstream from RR is High Point’s Eastside Waste Water Treatment Plant. It discharges into RR. They once considered bypassing RR and discharging the effluent below the dam, but folks below the dam said "NO!" Besides, if the discharge was sent below the dam, RR would have taken forever to fill up. RR needs that discharge to replentish the water it will sell.

That means when Randleman Reservoir opens for business this summer, the 12 million gallons it sells each day will be replaced by discharge from High Point’s EASTSIDE Wastewater Treatment Plant just upstream. In fact, 8 out of every 10 gallons that replaces the daily take will be effluent from the sewer plant. He’s a diagram that explains the Adams Farm cycle:

All Greensboro water customers will be drinking effluent (treated waste water) from the Eastside Plant, and Adams Farm residents will actually be drinking some of their own waste water!

Lee Spencer of the N.C. Division of Water Quality, Division of Environmental Health (see July 7, 1997 meeting minutes) also mentioned that "there are better water supply alternatives available to High Point and Greensboro, and these should be evaluated in great detail before settling on Randleman Lake as the only choice.”

Lee Spencer also stated that he has “grave concerns with the proposed dam and water supply.” He was concerned that the water quality in the lake would not be adequate to protect environmental concerns and public health.

It was asked if the limits for the Eastside WWTP will protect water quality standards. Jay Sauber (Division of Water Quality, Environmental Sciences Branch) requested that when DWQ permits the Eastside WWTP, "we make it clear that the water quality predicted for the lake violates water quality standards, so that we are not blamed for the condition of the lake and we are not asked to try to fix it once it is impounded."

Greensboro not only scammed (committed fraud) to get the dam, but the scam also impounded a new low-quality water supply that is basically the "product" of the Eastside Sewer Plant.