Friday, March 12, 2010

Rhino changes its tune and now projects a "water surplus"

The Rhinoceros Times has been almost as bad as the News & Record when it comes to cheerleading for the Randleman Dam. Rhino editor John Hammer and Rhino reporter Scott Yost are both on record claiming Greensboro is in serious need of Randleman Reservoir water.

It's been Hammer's contention that Greensboro could and should have been on Randleman water years ago. He was dumbfounded that Greensboro did not begin its pipeline connection to Randleman sooner because the city needed the water so bad.

It didn't. Greensboro didn't need the water it has contracted to purchase 4 years ago...and it does not need Randleman water today. That's the real reason why the dam took so long to complete. Greensboro is secretly having buyer remorse over expanding its water works by 75% during a 15 year decline in water sales. It would be like your spouse buying a ocean freighter of toilet paper because you said, "Make sure you get some extra!"

High Point is looking almost as silly as Greensboro. It does not need Randleman water for 20 years! It is no wonder why the dam took so long to build once it was approved and funded. And Greensboro cannot refuse the 6 million gallons it is under contract to purchase every day. There goes your water bill!

"E X C E S S   W A T E R "
But in yesterday’s paper (see story) John Hammer suddenly changed his tune. He wrote, “It is possible when Randleman comes online that Greensboro will actually have excess water to sell.” 

You learned it from the dam scam pages!

Whoa John Hammer! What happened to your many years of "water shortage" talk? How can there suddenly be a surplus? And John, why is it in yesterday's 900 word story you make absolutely no mention of Greensboro’s 15-year decline in water sales?
Why must Rhino readers come here to the dam scam pages to learn the truth about what’s really happened to public water sales in Greensboro? I have offered my CHART to the Rhino and it has refused to print it! Why? Is it not news? Or is it too embarrassing to your newspaper's support of the dam?
This is Hammer's first mention of a possible water surplus when Greensboro begins drawing only 6 million gallons a day (mgd) from Randleman. Hey folks, Greensboro is licensed to draw 28mgd! If it will have a surplus with only 6mgd, imagine how much that surplus will grow when it jumps to 12 and then 28mgd!

Greensboro purchased a wopping 53% of Randleman Reservoir because the dam scammers took full advantage of everyone's fear of Greensboro running out of water? That was never true! Greensboro was never running out of water. The dam scammers used every trick in the book to fake a water shortage to get the dam! I was there. I saw exactly how they did it. Now go back and begin reading all my stories you skipped ....because you thought I was a lunatic claiming that Greensboro has a water surplus. How did a lunatic win so many awards?

Greensboro never needed the Randleman Dam

There were numerous smarter and far more cost effective methods of developing new water for Greensboro than the construction of Randleman Dam and Randleman Reservoir. I offered at least 6 of them. But the dam scammers rejected all alternatives and hailed the dam as the only solution for Greensboro.

The dam was a scam then and the dam is a scam now. Remember, you heard it here first. Greensboro has had a water surplus for 15 years. It is all an illusion except for dry reservoirs

I was fired because I refused to participate in this fraud. My boss actually had me saying on camera, "We have to have the Randleman Dam by the year 2000!" That was baloney! And I was toast when I stopped repeating his fraudulent claim!

Water Chief Allan Williams must be fired for his full participation in the dam scam against the citizens of Greensboro. Former City Manager Ed Kitchen's name must be stripped from the J. Edward Kitchen Operations Center for lying about the water shortage and leading the city into a dam it never needed....and skyrocketing water bills for years to come.

Then I want my job back with back pay to 1999. Okay, in lieu of back pay I would gladly accept just one penny per gallon for all the Greensboro water my conservation efforts saved.

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