Sunday, June 13, 2010

Former Utility Director Ray Shaw

When you were a child did you ever break a toy so your parents would buy you a bigger or better one? That’s what former utilities director Ray Shaw did with Greensboro’s water works. I was the department spokesperson and I saw how he did it. Shaw wanted bigger water plants, more pumping horsepower and his career dream fulfilled—the construction of the Randleman Dam. Shaw ran the reservoirs and the distribution system into the ground because he knew that failures were the fastest way to get approval for the projects he wanted. If you have read my stories you know how he did it? Feel free to ask questions.

Next from the Dam Cold Case Files: Tuesday, May 24, 1994 was the only day in Greensboro’s history that water stopped flowing from the tap. Businesses were forced to close. Was it an accident? ....or was it allowed to happen for a reason?

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