Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dam Scam author to begin new series

The Greensboro Water Conservation Truth and Reconciliation Task Force (GWCTRTF)* reports that Dam Scam author Mike J Baron is launching a new series called the Dam Cold Case Files. Each brief post will consist of a single paragraph containing fewer than 100 words of straight-to-the-point reporting that any local journalist can understand.  

Over two years ago Mr. Baron offered to submit to an independent polygraph test to corroborate his eyewitness reporting of Greensboro's $75 million dollar water fraud. To date, none of the Triad's news agencies have offered to arrange one. In fact, none of the Triad's news agencies have even interviewed Mr. Baron a single time or even telephoned Mr. Baron a single time since he began his Randleman Dam Scam expos√© on March 28th, 2008. This is most strange because Baron, twice a United States Environmental Protection Agency 1st place award-winner and a Greensboro Chamber of Commerce Environmental Stewardship award-winner was the local news' "go-to person" while he was employed at city hall. Baron was a frequent live guest on WFMY TV 2 and WGHP TV Fox 8 evening newscasts but since he blew the whistle on Greensboro's water fraud, both stations and the entire Triad new media refuse to interview him or even report the facts he's posted in his stories.

To quickly find Baron's eyewitness stories simply Google two words—dam scam.

*GWCTRTF—there isn't one yet but there will be someday because the Randleman Dam Scam and cover-up is the largest municipal fraud in the history of Greensboro.

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