Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Get ready to pay a higher water bill" WFMY TV News 2

Reported last night by WFMY TV News 2.Get Ready To Pay A Higher Water Bill)

"Greensboro's water resource director says the city needs the money to pay for system maintenance, and help cover a $200 million dollar bond debt."
"Water Resource Director Alan Williams warns if the city doesn't raise rates now, they* could have to increase them 12 to 13 percent next year."

Greensboro's water sales have fallen to what they were 2 decades ago! Manufacturing has relocated to Asia and yet the Greensboro water works monopoly is expanding by 75%. To justify its unnecessary investment in RanRes Greensboro now claims that water use will double over the next 40 years! But history shows the city cannot accurately forecast water needs even 3 years into the future and now it is forecasting to 2050. Has the local news media asked Greensboro what would cause water sales to DOUBLE over the next 40 years?—nope.

This is the Randleman Dam Scam and cover-up. It is the largest municipal fraud in the history of Greensboro. WFMY News 2 has never reported Greensboro's 15-year decline in water sales and it refuses to investigate the dam scam.

ECONOMICS 101: As the PRICE of Greensboro water goes UP, the DEMAND for Greensboro water goes DOWN

*Why does Williams use "they" instead of "we?" Isn't it his water department?

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