Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RanRez' biggest water customer—the City of Greensboro

According to yesterday’s News and Record story, half of the PTRWA (RanRez operators) budget will come from purchases made by its biggest water customer—the City of Greensboro. RanRez will earn about $3.7 million dollars annually for just 6 million gallons of water taken by Greensboro every day. The city currently uses about 32 million gallons a day so one-fifth of its water will now be imported from Randleman.

The big question is WHAT WILL GREENSBORO CHARGE ITS CUSTOMERS FOR THE WATER IT IMPORTS FROM RANREZ? The water department is certain to add “shipping and handling charges” and that’s certain to raise the price of water for Greensboro’s customers.

Remember, water chief Allan Williams assured everyone that “RanRez water will be less expensive that Burlington water.” That's a ridiculous statement but you can count on the fact that somehow on paper Greensboro will show that RanRez water is a bargain. And once again Greensboro will not be telling the truth.

But the real question is “How much more expensive is RanRez water than the water produced at Greensboro’s own water plants? Why?—because the GSO plants must cut production by 6 million gallons a day (mgd) to make room for the 6 mgd imported from RanRez. Even a cave person can do the math.

Greensboro’s dirty little secret is that it has enjoyed a water surplus for more than a decade now. Greensboro never needed Randleman's water but now by contract it must purchase 6 million gallons DAILY from Randleman. And that will drive up the cost of water for everyone.

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