Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jamestown News- "Greensboro knew by 2003 it did not need Randleman’s water"

The Jamestown News reports today (see story) that Greensboro knew by 2003 it did not need Randleman’s water.

Jamestown News:

"Work on the dam and lake began in 2001 and was finished in 2003. By then, High Point and Greensboro said they didn't need the water but in 2008 both municipalities agreed to finance their portion. They later pulled out of the proposed bond referendum, selling their own bonds and paying the PTRWA their portion."

Greensboro never needed the Randleman Dam. It was a scam.

Its secret objective was to accelerate growth but it was pitched to citizens and to the feds for survival to get RanDam approved and funded.

Now the RanDam Scam is a cover-up.

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