Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paradigm shift: Greensboro as a water exporter

The thought of the City of Greensboro exporting water to a far off land like Alamance Elementary School near Pleasant Garden would have been preposterous years ago. But Greensboro has a new problem that it wishes to keep hidden: The city has a huge surplus of H2O and it needs new water customers to consume that surplus.

Remember, Greensboro's water rate is DOUBLE for its water customers living in Guilford County. Maybe the rate should TRIPLE for counties outside of Guilford County? This school will become a cash cow for the water department.

Greensboro has vastly overbuilt it water works while the news media slept. The city now owns 53% of the RanRez output and it has no need for the water! Is it any wonder why a distant elementary school will be Greensboro's first foreign water customer? This school will drink from Greensboro's vast water surplus. 

Greensboro is exporting water! Ca ching ca ching. It's just too bad that sound will NOT be profit.

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