Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lack of rain excites dam scammers

This morning on Snooze 2 TV the weatherman announced the Triad is beginning to feel the effects of the lack of rain. And the City of Greensboro dam scammers couldn’t be happier! That’s because they need a new excuse for RanDam after their 1995 projections of escalating water demand never came true!

During the last prolonged drought dam scammers like GSO Water Czar Allan Williams took advantage of every opportunity on camera to warn citizens about Greensboro’s “water shortage” and paint RanDam as the obvious solution.

FACT: Greensboro got through its last lengthy drought with relative ease—and without RanDam! Its reservoirs did better than those in other NC cities. Why?—because water use is lower than it was 15 years ago! ...but the city won’t tell you that and neither will the lamestream media!
Instead they showed you photos of RanRez full to the brim (because none of the six communities were drawing water from it.) What they didn’t tell you is that during a drought RanRez will empty much faster than other reservoirs because the Deep River that feeds RanRez is actually a shallow stream.

With low water sales and a 75% expansion of the water works, drought protection is the new excuse for RanDam. Long ago its purpose was because citizens were fed that Greensboro was "running out of water." That was never true—but it's a wonderful fear tactic to get an unnecessary dam approved.

CAUTION: The dam scammers are downright nervous about their fraud becomming exposed so use good discernment whenever Greensboro’s slanted water reports reach you on TV or in print. For a more detailed story about RanRez as phony drought mitigation, click here.

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