Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YES! WEEKLY says DAM SCAM is a “top ten best story"

The DAM SCAM story finally breaks—almost. After serving up 15 months of hard evidence in my blog about water fraud and cover-up in Greensboro YES! WEEKLY has finally broken the media's silence. Last week YES! WEEKLY listed the "ten best stories" it did not have time to cover, and DAM SCAM was among them. This is progress! It probably means that very soon YES! WEEKLY will become the ribbon-cutter on the biggest municipal fraud in the history of Greensboro. I feel like Lloyd (Jim Carrey) the dolt in Dumb and Dumber when he asks Mary, What are my chances with you Mary?—maybe… one in a hundred?” Mary replies, “M-m-more like…….one…. in a.... million.” Carrey thinks for a moment—and then he leaps for joy—because he got what he was hoping for—a CHANCE with Mary!
Lloyd says, "So you mean there's a CHANCE!"
YES! WEEKLY has given me the same hope that Mary gave Lloyd. Even if YW only dips its foot in the water fraud, that’s a great start.
Once the smelly muskrat is out of the bag, Greensboro’s ostrich media will have little choice but to weigh in on the DAM SCAM. And once the citizens find out they have been scammed.......oh boy! I have to give YES! WEEKLY a big “thumb up” because I was pretty tough on it calling it YES! WEAKLY (see story) for not attending my presentation and not even replying to my invitation. News editor Jordan Green's “Best Ten Stories I did not get to” was most congenial. Thank you! And if you didn’t have time last week to address this “Best Story,” maybe you will make time this week. Jordan, why not start with my CHART? (Click to enlarge)These are not my numbers but City of Greensboro water department numbers. Why not begin by verifying my CHART with Water Chief Allan Williams and see if it is correct? Now beware, Williams is a water-seller, a waterworks expanding engineer and a hired dam scammer who puts dam spin on everything to undergird the no-longer-necessary Randleman project. Williams will try to explain away my CHART using methods that won’t wash…but he will try his best. Jordan, ask Williams why he does not show Greensboro’s water use history on his water website. Ask why he is hiding it. Ask him how former Utility Director Ray Shaw’s forecast of future water needs have been so terribly wrong? Ask Williams if Shaw’s bogus forecast was fabricated to justify the dam? DAM SPIN...
Remember, Water Chief Williams is in a perpetual jam with the dam. When he signed on to his Director job in Greensboro he agreed with the scammers to present the Randleman Dam as Greensboro’s only salvation no matter what the facts say. Now Williams must cover up the facts and keep the water-shortage myth going so nobody catches on to the scam. Water demand has been declining for many years and the drought is over, but if you analyze Williams’ statements over the past few years they always include subtle warnings about “water shortage.” DANGER and FEAR are essential elements of the propaganda that defend Greensboro's grab for Randleman’s water. We used to say often that we had to have the Randleman Dam by the year 2000 or Greensboro could run out of water. Now Greensboro is saying that it does not need Randleman water until 2012. And why should anybody believe it given it's horrible record of forecasting? You could also ask Williams that in a drought would Randleman Lake be FULL, or would it be EMPTY like every other area reservoir. Randleman was never intended for drought mitigation, but since manufacturing has relocated to the far east and Randleman water can no longer be used to recruit industry, drought mitigation has become the revised justification for the dam. STUPID CHART TRICKS Beware Jordan, Williams will probably show you a CHART of his own making that does not display a declining water use trend line as shown in my CHART. Williams' CHART will likely show the full range of daily water usage beginning at 1 gallon on the “Y” axis and go all the way up to 60 million gallons. That’s a sloppy way to build a CHART but it will allow Williams to falsely claim “Water use has not changed much at all since 1995.” That's a lie. Raleigh touches Greensboro? Raleigh actually does touch Greensboro when you observe earth from the moon! And the two cities nearly touch even if you look at a map of the eastern US. What's missing is a close-up map showing the two cities. Williams' CHART won't be a close-up like mine. Since this CHART is so important, let me warn you further about the CHART Williams is likely to pull out and contrast with mine. If you check an Internet CHART on the price of GOLD (about $920 an ounce), that CHART doesn’t begin with just one dollar on the “Y’ axis. It begins at $880 on the “Y” axis and extends up to $1,000. That’s called the range. A range provides a close-up of what's important. It’s the same as looking at a map of eastern North Carolina to see all the geography that lies between Greensboro an Raleigh. If the GOLD CHART began with just $1.00 at the bottom of the range on the “Y” axis it would look like the price of GOLD has not changed at all! And that’s the trick Williams is likely to play on you. That's because he and the dam scammers do not want anyone to know that water use has declined for 15 years while they continue to expand the waterworks. Get it WEEKLY? That’s how Williams was able to lie in the late 90’s and claim that water use was “flat” when it was actually going down because of strategic water conservation programs of mine that were working. Williams' CHART---if he even has one---will not show a "close up" view like the GOLD CHART and my water use history CHART. The only CHART Chief Williams is currently showing on his website is his ridiculous "Lake Performance" CHART that would even confuse Stephen Hawkins. It tells you nothing and that's exactly what Greensboro's dam scammers want you to know--NOTHING! They want to keep you in the dark and willing to pay the tab on Randleman Dam without any hesitation. Greensboro uses 31 million gallons of water a day! Expect Williams to pull out a CHART that will likely begin with just 1 million for the bottom of the range on the “Y” axis and go up to 60 million gallons. Then he will say, "See, water use has not changed much at all since 1995 contrary to what Baron claims." Sorry Director Williams, your bogus CHART and your explanation of "flat water consumption since 1995" just won't pump any longer.
My CHART is probably the single most damaging piece of evidence in a year's worth of my stories. It really stands alone and it speaks volumes. I am amazed that after 15 months not a single news reporter has shoved my CHART under Williams’ nose and asked questions. And not a single news reporter has even telephoned me to ask me any questions. Jordan, will YES! WEEKLY be the first to publish my CHART? Don't you think that citizens deserve to know the truth about declining water demand and the fabricated forecast that "justified" the Randleman Dam? SUBSCRIBE---it's so easy a caveman can do it!
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